Know more about preventive care

Preventive care enables everyone to prevent serious health issues and also medical issues before they commence and become a major one. Preventive care comes mostly under routine check-ups. Preventive care includes vaccinations, yearly check-ups, screenings, and so on. Preventive care has billing based on age and gender I.e  Preventive visit Billing, CPT code 99391. The other services included under preventive care are patient counseling, screenings to prevent disease, illness, and any other health associated issues. These preventive care services billing is based on the procedure code given by CPT.

Services included under preventive care:

There are many services included under preventive care and among them some are important:

  • Annual check-up: This is to check the health issues at regular periods before it arrives. As we always say: prevention is always better than cure. Based on this the doctors check for any risk factors to get any health issue in the future. They warn the patient about and ask to rectify the problem. This makes the people get free from any health issue as they are priorly notified about the related health problem. Some of the minor health problems are also noticed and treated before they become major problems that may be fatal. Every problem of the patient is divided into codes based on age, gender Preventive visit Billing, which is for infant care.
  • Flu shot: This is an immunization program for everyone. Every person has the risk of getting the flu virus. This may be dangerous and fatal if we don’t prevent it. The flu virus is a seasonal spreading disease and prevention is always the best option. Particular virus strains are covered under this vaccination. Some sort of prior care will make you live free from flu infections.
  • Mammogram: This is very essential for women above 40 years. Women at the age of 40 years have a high risk of getting breast cancer. A mammogram is a chest X-ray which diagnoses breast cancer. It is very important to be screened every year because breast cancer doesn’t have any symptoms until it gets fatal. Initial stages of breast cancer have a cure, so should be diagnosed in the initial stages which can be happened only in regular screenings.
  • Colonoscopy: This is a screening method to check colon cancer. As most cancers don’t have symptoms until they get worse, they should be identified only under regular checkups.
  • Vaccinations: This should be included in preventive care as there are many infective diseases to be prevented. Vaccination should be given to every child from birth according to the dosage. Many vaccines for the diseases like mumps, measles, rubella, polio, etc should be covered for everyone.

The medical procedural code- CPT

These preventive services are given to persons who don’t require immediate medical observation, but they require periodic check-ups for their health. The crucial considerations for the preventive services are related risk factors, gender, and age. According to these factors the physician provides prior care to every person who needs it. The medical conditions and their billings are based on the medical code called CPT which is utilized to document surgical, medical, and any diagnostic techniques and services.

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