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Prince and the Patriot, The
by: Kathleen Creighton

Nicholas Francia was known as a charming playboy who could have been a pirate or prince -- but Willa Caris met his fierce gaze with defiance. She had dedicated herself to keeping the Brasovian crown jewels from being returned to that European nation, even if it demanded a desperate, dangerous ploy. She'd been so sure she could turn Nicholas to her cause, but instead the devastatingly charismatic professor blocked her path. Seduced by her firebrand's heart and luminous eyes, Nicholas wanted Willa pliant in his arms -- and if that was what it took to defeat her wild plan, he was willing to play the passionate abductor! But he never expected his captive to cooperate, and then to respond to his sensual challenge with savage needs of her own. Swept up by tempestuous desire, Willa and Nicholas surrendered to a madness that was born of love. But would the surprising truths revealed by dawn tear them asunder, or bind them together forever?

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Prince and the Patriot, The

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Bantam Loveswept
Publish Date:
February 1988
Contemporary: Charmer- Resist- Taboo- Embrace
Nicholas Francia
Willa Caris
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