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About Diane
riting is a career that found me when I had actually given up looking for it. In the middle of a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology 15 years ago, and quite by accident, I came upon the true, breathtaking story, which spanned over two decades and began when the legendary Diane de Poitiers was 31 and her lifelong love was the scandalously young second son of the King of France. That story, which unfolded for me on several research trips to France--- and which became my first published novel Courtesan, really changed the course of my life. I grew absolutely driven to accurately tell to an American audience the true story of Diane de Poitiers' strength, love and commitment to a man she loved but could never marry. Being willing to adapt my writing to changing times has also been integral for me to staying published, and it is the thing about which new writers seem to ask me most. My best advice is to stay true to yourself and your goals, but be willing, if necessary, as it was for me, to "pay your dues" to get where you want to be. Every book, no matter how different, is a learning experience and a chance for you to grow as a writer. The Perfect Royal Mistress, my ninth novel in this historical oddyssey I unknowingly began, is one that has taken my readers and I from Renaissance France to Scotland, to Regency England, to the Civil War South and now back to England during the colorful Restoration. I very much hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you!

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