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About C.J.
It’s All About Books Stories fascinate me—they always have. When I was growing up my relatives almost never saw me without a book in my hands. Even now that I’m busy with my career, teenaged children, pets, writing groups, relatives, fitness and friends, I read an awful lot. I read when I eat (a no-no, I admit), in the bath (leads to soggy pages), and always, always, always in airplanes (I’m a nervous flier). I even read while driving (thank goodness for books on tape).

A Bend In The Road Despite my love of fiction, when it came time to pick a direction for my studies in university, I chose business. I ended up with a degree in Commerce, which I followed with two years of articling and several more exams, in order to become a Chartered Accountant. I worked in this field for about six years, and while I enjoyed my job, I had a secret yearning for something else.

When I had my first child, I finally had an opportunity to step back from what I was doing and re-assess what I wanted from life. I decided I wanted to be a hands-on mom. I also wanted to write books. And so I tried.

Persistence Pays I typed my first book on an electric typewriter, and sent it to Harlequin Enterprises with great expectations. I had so much to learn! The books I had enjoyed since my teen years seemed so structurally simple, but I soon realized that achieving this effect requires great skill and talent. Hoping I had the talent, I worked on acquiring the skills and ten years later (yes, it really did take that long!) I sold my first book to Harlequin Superromance.

It Could Happen to You Writing about ordinary people, in extraordinary situations -- That’s the kind of story I love to read and it’s the kind of story I write, as well. Whether you’re a mom with kids, a single career woman, divorced, retired, young, old (or any combination of the above!) I want you to feel as if you are reading about something that could happen to you in your real life (or to your daughter, or mother, or best friend).

Though I have been thrilled to be nominated for RWA’s Rita award, RT’s Career Achievement award and The Bookseller’s Best award, my biggest rewards come when I receive an e-mail or letter from a reader. I also enjoy getting together with other writers at the smaller RWA conferences. What a great way to travel and to meet new people who share the same interests and passions as I do.

We only have one life to lead. I’ll always be thankful that, because of stories, we can experience so much more!

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Book Series
Coffee Creek, Montana
Fox & Fisher Detective Agency
Return to Summer Island
Three Good Men series
Book List
  Big Sky Christmas - (10/13)
Promise from a Cowboy - (07/13)
Her Cowboy Dilemma - (04/13)
Remember Me, Cowboy - (01/13)
Colton: Rodeo Cowboy - (08/12)
Receptionist Under Cover - (03/10)
P.I. Contest, The - (02/10)
Perfect Partners? (Large Print) - (01/10)
Perfect Partners? - (01/10)
Dad Next Door, The (UK) - (09/09)
Christmas With Daddy - (11/08)
Matthew's Children - (08/08)
Dad Next Door, The - (02/08)
Star-Crossed Parents - (07/07)
Love And The Single Mom - (02/07)
Secrets Between Them - (10/06)
Her Better Half - (09/06)
Baby Between Them, A - (07/06)
You Made Me Love You - (06/06)
Together By Christmas - (11/05)
Little Secret Between Friends, A - (05/05)
Lasting Proposal, A - (04/05)
Small-Town Girl - (03/05)
Convenient Proposal,A - (03/05)
Second-Chance Proposal, A - (02/05)
Sister Would Know, A - (02/05)
Next of Kin - (10/04)
For a Baby - (05/04)
Leaving Enchantment - (12/03)
Trade Secrets (Anthology) - (09/03)
Daughter's Place, A - (12/00)
Fourth Child, The - (05/00)
Her Best Friend's Baby - (01/00)
Jessie's Father - (06/99)

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